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  • Emily Meador, LMSW

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    Emily Meador, LMSW

    “Not your (neuro)typical therapist.” I am a neurodiversity-affirming therapist. Navigating a neurotypical world as a neurodivergent individual has its challenges. Whether it is obtaining a diagnosis or figuring out how to thrive afterward, I would like to offer my support and expertise. I have experience working with children, teens, and adults with Autism, ADHD, and disabilities as well as experience helping individuals through grief and loss. I have expertise in supporting neurodivergent individuals of all ages as well as their families. I help identify coping skills for sensory sensitivities and feeling overstimulated. I teach strategies for meltdowns and executive dysfunction. I help navigate and process social situations. I provide psychoeducation on neurotypical and neurodivergent communication preferences, that way individuals can choose how they want to communicate and socialize. I also provide psychoeducation on masking and the harms of masking, and I provide individuals with support to unmask and a safe place to do so. But most importantly, I teach and model self-love and self-acceptance because our brains are different and we may need support but we do not need to learn to appear neurotypical.

    I have experience as an Autistic individual that adds a unique perspective to working with clients. I am here to celebrate your unique brain with you while also providing support. It may be tough to live in a neurotypical world, but you don’t have to do it alone.

    I received a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Social Work from Wichita State University. I have been a licensed social worker since July of 2017. I am now an LMSW and am working towards getting clinically licensed under the supervision of Ragan Snyder-Smith, LSCSW.

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