Our Office

Four Branches Therapy & Wellness was established May of 2013 and is made up by independent providers.  FBTW was created based on four branches of therapy progress; we provide therapy and have always had a “whole person” wellness in our plan – addressing the mind, body, spirit in healing. Over the years, we have grown and expanded, modifying our logo.  Our new logo is a “brain tree” with the four branches included in the brain and under the brain, making up the trunk. The four branches of course are linked to our 4 stages of therapy from our motto “Courage to Hope for Healing & Growth”. Courage. Hope. Healing. Growth. It takes Courage to start the therapeutic process; Hope to continue to the Healing and finally the last stage is Growth of meeting therapeutic goals. We used 2 colors in the brain to represent left brain/right brain and also the process of change within the brain, as healing & growth occur – from dark (hopeless) to light (healing). The heart represents the connection of the head & heart, as well as whole wellness. The colors we chose are not only our new color scheme, but have specific meaning:

  • Teal: “It is a calm, revitalizing and rejuvenating color that also represents open communication and clarity of thought.”

  • Orange: “it inspires us to lean into our emotional understandings. By doing so, we dig deeper into our intuition. When feeling dispirited, find solace in the color orange. Clinging to this color will remind you that there’s light at the end of a depressingly dark tunnel. It also is energetic and creative. "

  • Grey: "it is calm, balance, neutrality, compromise and control. " 

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